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Each term we hold a Showcase of work for parents at the end of our special 'Themed Weeks' and all Year Groups have a termly event to which families are invited. These have included Chinese Day, Mexican Day, Country Dancing and a Teddy Bears' Picnic.

We also have a number of performances over the year to which you are invited to share and celebrate in your childrens success.  Every Friday we have a class assembly where our pupils share their learning this half term.  It would be fantastic if you can come and share their success.
Parent Info

Parents are always welcome to make an appointment throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress, for whatever reason. The last Friday of every half term, we also have a Progress and Achievement assembly where individual children are praised and celebrated across the school.

We have an ‘open door’ policy but would ask all parents to respect our request that they always seek an appointment through the administration staff at the office. If you directly approach a teacher immediately before and after lessons, they will not be able to give you the full attention that your concern merits. All staff will make every effort to meet you as soon as possible if requested. Where there are security doors, we ask all visitors to respect the purpose of these and not enter school without permission. They are there for the protection of our pupils. Visitors & parents should always enter and leave school via the main entrance by the office.

Mrs Lawton (Principal) and Mrs Milner (Assistant Headteacher) are available most mornings and evenings for any immediate concerns, feedback or comments.

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We have more formal opportunities for visiting. Parents are invited to make an appointment to see the class teacher on two occasions. Invitations are sent in October (Autumn Term 1) and March (Spring Term 2) and following an expression of interest, parents are offered a convenient “timed” appointment. In July (Summer Term 3) parents will receive a written report followed by an Open Afternoon. This provides you with the opportunity to discuss the report with your child's current teacher and also meet their new teacher for September.

Details of our latest KS2 results, links to the our Ofsted reports and performance data presented in the Department's School Performance Tables are publicly available.


Staff lists, times of the school day and our latest activity timetable are displayed in our current prospectus.

Family Helpers

You would be most welcome in school to help. We need you to join visits, support group work in class, help with art and technology and sit with reading groups. Just helping around the class supporting the teacher in any way would be appreciated.

If you can help come in and speak to Mrs Lawton or your child’s class teacher.

Anyone who comes into school to work with children must have DBS check and Mrs Knowles in the Office can arrange this for you.

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PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

We are now recruiting! Please contact Mrs Broadhead or Mrs Rollinson at school if you would like to become a member of our PTA.

Please be aware that when you are on site, we expect all adults to be positive role models for our children.


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