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On behalf of all the Governors of Quay Academy, welcome to the Governors section of our website.

We are now an established sponsored academy member of  the David Ross Education Trust (DRET) and are working closely with other schools from within the growing family of schools in the trust.  DRET is a vibrant organisation that promotes excellence in educational achievement and we are pleased to be a valued member of this growing team of schools.

Standards of educational achievement for our pupils have been rising steadily over the past 3 years at all phases of our school. This has been due mainly to establishing a secure leadership for the school, excellent training and professional development for our existing staff and recruiting high quality teachers.

The school has a clear plan for improvement with our current priorities focussed on ensuring equality of opportunity for all of our pupils so that they all make at least good progress. This reviewed and challenged by the Local Governing Body to ensure the achievement of targets and conitnued improving outcomes for the children.

Our governors are:

For the register of governors' interests please download the document on the left-hand side of the page. Here is a list of our governors:

Principal - Mrs Kimberley Lawton

DRET Appointed Governor - Mr Andrew Garvey (Chair)

DRET Appointed Governor - Mr Graham Clarke 

DRET Appointed Governor - Mr Nick Torn

Staff Governor - Mrs Stacey Flynn

Parent Governor - Mrs Tanya Cooke

Clerk - Nigel Brignall


We have 2 committees who feed back to the full Local Governing Body. These are Finance and General Purposes and Data and Standards.

Data and Standards Committee: Mr Torn (Chair), Mrs Bennison, Mrs Cooke, Mrs Flynn, and Mrs Lawton.

Finance and General Purposes Committee: Mr Stone, Mrs Lawton, Mr Torn, and Mrs Wilkinson, Mr Garvey

Health and Safety: Mr Garvey

SEND Governors: Mrs Bennison and Mrs Cooke

British Values governor: Mrs Flynn

Safeguarding governor: Mr Stone                  

Key Stage One governor: Mr Stone

Lower Key Stage Two governor: Mrs Wilkinson

Upper Key Stage Two governor: Mrs Flynn

Reception Class governor: Mr Torn


Mr Garvey has Special Responsibility for Exclusions

Mr Garvey has Special Responsibility for Health & Safety

Mrs Cooke has Special Responsibility for Parent Voice

Mr Torn has Special Responsibility for Student Voice

Mr Torn has Special Responsibility for Reading


Scheme of Delegation

Information about the David Ross Education Trust's scheme of delegation is available here.

Contacting a Governor 

To contact a governor, please phone or email the academy directly who will pass on your enquiry to the relevant governor.

Minutes of Local Governing Body meetings

Should you wish to view a copy of the minutes of the Local Governing Body at this academy, please contact the academy directly who will pass on your request to the Clerk who will be able to provide you with an electronic or paper copy of the minutes.

Interested in becoming a Governor at this Academy?

If you’d like to know more about the role of a governor at this academy and are considering joining the Local Governing Body, please contact DRET Governor Services by emailing