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Enrichment & Partnerships

We have a range of enrichment activities that ensure the children are provided with a range of experiences that enhance their learning and bring relevance to the curriculum.

Examples of these are:


Visitors from the local community including the Fire Service, school nurse, dental nurse (known affectionately as the ‘Tooth Fairy’ to the children!)

Trips out including Honeysuckle Farm, Sewerby Hall and Zoo and of course, the beach!


A range of visitors including theatre groups, sports stars and songwriters.

Two residential visits, one in Y4 to North Yorkshire (1 night) and one in Y6 to Wales (4 nights).

A range of other trips out to local places of interest including Barley Hall, Burton Agnes Hall and the Yorvik Centre.

We take part in a number of musical and dramatic events including Brid Big Sing, Young Voices at Sheffield Arena), Shakespeare Festival, Rock Challenge (we were winners in both 2012 and 2014!) as well as our own steel pan band and African drums.

Our children take part in various intra and inter school sports events both within our local cluster and DRET.

Burnet News Club

The Burnet News Club is a fun little inschool activity where children debate about a certain news report. It is also known for being called the Economist Educational Foundation. We also comment on that certain news report by agreeing, disagreeing or choosing. Lucy also comments on this. So far this year they have 133 posts, 1,123 comments from 61 schools and 61 teachers trained. Thank you for reading my information on the Burnet News Club,

By Abigail Porter

To find out more about enrichment at DRET please download the document on the left-hand side of the page.