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Quay Academy Classes

There are 14 classes at Quay, two in each academic year group. 

Classes are organised in Key Stages led by a senior teacher. EYFS is led by Mrs Pennick. Key Stage 1 is led by Mrs Broadhead (Vice Principal) and Key Stage 2 is led by Mrs Milner (Assistant Headteacher). 

Your child will mostly be taught by their class teacher. Sometimes different arrangements will be made for the organisation of pupils. It may be that pupils are grouped on a regular basis for a number of weeks and taught by a different teacher. This may be done in English or Maths in order to target a particular aspect of learning or personal development. This is sometimes called ‘Booster or Intervention’ work.  We are also able to offer some specialist teaching and your child may, for example, be taught music by a different teacher on a regular basis.

Our classes are:


RKP - Mrs Pennick / RVC - Mrs Broadhead/Mrs Craven

Year 1 

1CM - Miss Milner / 1AW - Mrs Wilde

Year 2 

2TD - Miss Danby / 2AW - Mrs Watt

Year 3 

3KR - Miss Robson / 3RC - Mrs Coulson/Mrs Milner

Year 4 

4ET Miss Truman/Mrs Armstrong / 4JD - Miss Dolan

Year 5 

5EF - Mrs Freir / 5AC - Miss Chapman

Year 6 

6MH - Mrs Heaton / 6CW - Mrs Webster