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  • Quay Academy 'Full House' at the bingo tonight!
    2 months 6 days ago.
  • Quay Academy Our Y6 children opened up our parent conference, outlining the great things that happen at Quay!
    3 months 3 weeks ago.
  • Quay Academy Opening our World Class event #QuayAcademyChoir
    3 months 3 weeks ago.

About Us

Quay Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust. The Trust believes that by offering each child the best opportunities, they can find what they are good at which in turn inspires them to work hard and achieve.

Our school's friendly, communal atmosphere was noted by Ofsted with them describing us as, 'a happy and inclusive school where pupils behave well and develop strong relationships.'  Our motto is "Quay Academy- where our children are Key"

We are a Values School and encourage children to think about the principles that guide our behaviour and thinking. We have a 'Value of the Month' that is talked about in assemblies and classes. Over time, we hope to see children putting all of these into practice to become well-rounded citizens and life-long learners.

January - Proud                                                    July - Courage

February - Co-operation                                       August - Love

March - Determination                                          September - Respect

April - Honesty                                                      October - Patience

May - Resilience                                                    November - Tolerance

June - Responsibility                                             December - Thoughtfulness