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About Us

As part of the David Ross Education Trust we believe in "Broadening the Horizons of Young People".

about us

Quay Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust, we and the Trust believes that by offering each child the best opportunities, they can find what they are good at which in turn inspires them to work hard and achieve.

For anyone who has any interest in the school you are encouraged to give us a call (01262 673219) and see Quay Academy for yourself.

Our school's friendly, communal atmosphere was noted by Ofsted with them describing us as, 'a happy and inclusive school where pupils behave well and develop strong relationships.'  Our motto is "Quay Academy - where our children are Key"

We are a values school and encourage children to think about the principles that guide our behaviour and thinking. Over time, we hope to see children putting all of these into practice to become well-rounded citizens and life-long learners.

We pride ourselves on being a school based upon values. Our values are:

Aspiration - Always aiming high

Ambition - Being the best we can

Courage - Nothing holds us back

Respect - Always leading by example

Children are assigned one of these values as their School House - they can earn dojo rewards for using the values in school and at home and will receive weekly rewards.

Our criteria for a successful schooling experience, one which we are constantly measuring ourselves against, is as follows:

  • School and learning should be enjoyable, productive and an integral part of every child’s life where a child can develop empathy with his/her surroundings.
  • School should create a caring and happy environment where all children experience success and achievement.
  • School should recognise each member as an individual with particular needs and talents and develop a forum where each member can join with ideas and share experiences and impressions with others.
  • School should offer a well-balanced and broad curriculum that will ensure that all targets set by the National Curriculum are available to our children and should include academic, cultural, social, spiritual and physical development and growth, preparing pupils for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of secondary education and adult life.


To see our full staffing structure please download the document on the left-hand side of the page.

Senior leadership team:

Mrs Kimberley Lawton  (Principal) (On Secondment)

Mrs Caroline Broadhead  (Acting Principal)

Mrs Melanie Wilson (Assistant Principal)

Miss Katherine Robson (SENCo / Yr3 Class Teacher)

School Hours:

Morning session: 8.55am

Morning break: 10.45am

KS1 lunchtime: 12.00pm – 12.45pm

KS2 lunchtime: 12.45pm – 1.30pm

End of the school day: 3.10pm